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Please find below a few details about the new Level 2 Award for Door Supervisors in the Private Security Industry (Top Up), implemented by the Security Industry Authority after 1st of October.

Course overview:

It is designed for an applicant who currently holds a license from the Security Industry Authority (SIA) to work as a door supervisor and needs to be brought up to date with the new license-linked qualifications requirements.

The applicant will need to show that they hold a current and valid First Aid or Emergency First Aid

  • certificate* that meets the requirements of the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981,
  • Qualifications regulated by Ofqual, CCEA, SQA or Qualifications Wales
  • Qualifications delivered by FAIB Red Cross First Aid, St Johns Ambulance

It is an SIA requirement and we recommended the Dean Training Limited who will confirm that each trainee is sufficiently qualified in First Aid or Emergency First Aid.

The applicant should present their First Aid or Emergency First Aid certificate* to their training provider

before they start training. This certificate* must be valid for at least 12 months from the course start


Course overview:

It is designed for novices who presently keep a license from the Security Industry Authority (SIA) to paintings as a door manager and want to be added updated with the brand new license-related qualifications necessities.
Learners will want to reveal that they keep a present-day and legitimate First Aid or Emergency First Aid
certificate* that meets the necessities of the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981. It is
an SIA requirement to have licence  to verify that every applicant is satisfactorily certified in First Aid or Emergency First Aid.
Learners ought to gift their First Aid or Emergency First Aid certificate* to their schooling company
earlier than they begin schooling. This certificate* has to be legitimate for a minimum of three hundred and sixty-five days from the route begin

Course details:


Understand terror threats and the role of the security operative in the event of a threat

Identify the different threat levels

Recognise the common terror attack methods

Recognise the actions to take in the event of a terror threat

Identify the procedures for dealing with suspicious items

Identify behaviours that could indicate suspicious activity

Identify how to respond to suspicious behaviour

Know how to use equipment relevant to a door supervisor

Recognise equipment used to manage venue capacity

Recognise the different types of personal protective equipment relevant to the role of a door supervisor

State the purpose of using body-worn cameras (BWC)

Identify how to communicate effectively using relevant equipment

Demonstrate effective use of communication devices

Understand physical interventions and the implications of their use

State the legal implications of using physical intervention

State the professional implications of using physical intervention

Identify positive alternatives to physical intervention

Identify the differences between defensive physical skills and physical interventions

Duration for Level 2 Door Supervisor Top Up qualification: 3 days (10:00-18:00)( including First Aid training)

Package deal £199.00

To make the booking we would require £100.00 deposit, to secure your place for the course, the remaining balance should be cleared on the first day of the course

Available dates are :





03/02/2023-05/02/2023    06/02/2023-08/02/2023       17/02/2023-19/02/2023           20/02/2023-22/02/2023      03/03/2023-05/03/2023    06/03/2023-08/03/2023       17/03/2023-19/03/2023           20/03/2023-22/03/2023       31/03/2023-02/04/2023   17/04/2023-19/04/2023        28/04/2023-30/04/2023           01/05/2023-03/05/2023         12/05/2023-14/05/2023    15/05/2023-17/05/2023       26/05/2023-28/05/2023          29/05/2023-31/05/2023      09/06/2023-11/06/2023       12/06/2023-14/06/2023        23/06/2023-25/06/2023    26/06/2023-28/06/2023       07/07/2023-09/07/2023        10/07/2023-12/07/2023     21/07/2023-23/07/2023        24/07/2023-26/07/2023         04/08/2023-06/08/2023       07/08/2023-09/08/2023       18/08/2023-20/08/2023          21/08/2023-23/08/2023      01/09/2023-03/09/2023       04/09/2023-06/09/2023          15/09/2023-17/09/2023    18/09/2023-20/09/2023       29/09/2023-01/10/2023          02/10/2023-04/10/2023      13/10/2023-15/10/2023       16/10/2023-18/10/2023       27/10/2023-29/10/2023     30/10/2023-01/11/2023       10/11/2023-12/11/2023         13/11/2023-15/11/2023       24/11/2023-26/11/2023       27/11/2023-29/11/2023       08/12/2023-10/12/2023     11/12/2023-13/12/2023

– Please make the payment payable to Dean Training Ltd

    Account Number


    Sort Code


Please put your full name as a reference and send the proof of payment to  or


Please kindly follow the link below for you to complete ACTION COUNTERS TERRORISM AWARNESS ( E-LEARNING) AND                                                                                                     ACTION COUNTERS TERRORISM AWARNESS SECURITY ( E-LEARNING)

This also needs to be completed prior Door Supervisor Top-Up training

  • For Act Security, please use the code: 179399
  • At the end of each session kindly download and save the certificate and forward a copy directly to /   to submit to the awarding body immediately.

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