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We have a management team with years of experience in the club and events side of our business. John Akinyemi who has been a frontline Door Supervisor for over 30 years with know physical incident . This is in it’s selve, is testimony to the skill set he has, to under people. 


Security Solutions

Mohamed is one of MKL SECURITY'S consultants that can meet with you and go through your requirements. Sometime it can be accessed what we can offer you over the phone. However, there is time we may need to meet with you, to get first hand knowledge of the job. This is not in all cases, more often than not we should be give you a price.

Article in the Guardian magazine MKL SECURITY and others



Building-Site Security

Building materials need to guarded, as the loose and replacement can be very expensive

Hotel Security

Having good hotel security to monitor video surveillance, is amust.

Mobile Guarding

Patrolling a factory facility at night will will keep the temptation form unwanted visitors away.


Role of a Security Guard

To take control in a professional matter and try to defuse the situation. Without being aggressive and getting heated if a problem arises.


Crowd Control

Teamwork and good communication with walkie-talkies to keep the crowd in the correct areas.

Powers of Arrest

All Door Supervisors can make a an arrest, but this power isn’t exclusive to SIA badge holders.

Use of Force

You must not hit a member of the public, only use enough force to subdue and contain where possible.

First Aid

All Door Supervisors get first aid explained in the training.

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